The Greatest Race of all – Monaco

It was an odd feeling. Having spent my entire life trying to race around the streets of Monaco, five seconds prior to the impossible dream was about to come true I’d have swapped my seat for nearly every other on the planet. Show me how JD Classics?.

Sitting on the grid waiting for the lights to go out is the worst feeling in almost any motor race, but to do so in the narrow circuit at Monaco, in someone else’s multi-million pound racing car, with 40 other automobiles snarling and snapping around you is as intimidating an experience as I’ve known in twenty decades of racing.

“My” car was a Jaguar C-type, the actual car that came first in the Monaco Grand Prix in 1952, the year where it has been held for sport automobiles instead of Formula One machines. After that year Stirling Moss used it to acquire the first race with a car using disk brakes. Since it has never been altered, it is uncompetitive which, together with my fear of the location, explains why I’ve qualified in the middle of the grid. Another C-type, ready to the limitation of what’s allowable and driven by a professional racing driver, is to pole.

I run through a lap in my head, trying to remember the topography of every corner, however, the titles keep getting in the way.

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